Consultancy to Advocate for Task Sharing to Allow Provision of FP/Contraceptive Services at UMATI


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Chama cha Uzazi na Malezi Bora Tanzania (UMATI) is an autonomous, non-political national NGO providing Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR) information, education, and services in Tanzania. It has been in operation since 1959 and became a leading national organization providing quality youth-friendly SRH information and services, particularly to young people and women. In 1973 UMATI became a full member association of International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) where technical and core funds support was provided. By being a member of IPPF, UMATI is internationally connected through experience sharing with other IPPF member associations. 

UMATI is envisioning to see a Tanzania where people are free to choose and exercise their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights without discrimination in gender, sex, and age. The visioning process of UMATI highlighted the need to integrate “without discrimination” as a recurring theme as well as an organizational value statement. “Freedom of choice” was agreed as a paramount inclusion at the end that UMATI would love to see by doing its core business. 

UMATI’s Mission Statement is to champion SRHR and provide information and services targeting the young and underserved. In coming up with the Mission Statement, cognizance was put on the strategic position of UMATI as a leading SRHR service provider in Tanzania. This was eventually replaced by “champion” recognizing the need to lead not only by the provision of services but also by enabling other service providers including capacity building to local CSOs partners in the country to champion SRHR through their advocacy initiatives. UMATI strives for structural poverty reduction by improving the health of people in the country regardless of gender and political or religious beliefs, with priorities being given to the poorest communities and hard-to-reach populations.


The provision of family planning (FP) and contraceptive services is crucial for promoting reproductive health and ensuring access to voluntary family planning methods. The World Health Organization (WHO) has developed guidelines emphasizing the need to expand service delivery levels, including at the community level and in humanitarian contexts. Task sharing, which involves delegating specific tasks to appropriately trained healthcare providers, is an effective strategy to increase access to FP/contraceptive services. This TOR outlines the role and responsibilities of a consultant who will advocate for task sharing in alignment with WHO guidelines to facilitate the provision of FP/contraceptive services at all levels of service delivery.

  • Project Goal 

The goal of advocating for task sharing in FP/contraceptive services in Tanzania is to create a more inclusive, equitable, and effective healthcare system that addresses the reproductive health needs of women and families throughout the country, ultimately leading to improved health outcomes and socio-economic development.

3.2 Project Rationale: 

Advocating for task sharing in FP/contraceptive services aligns with WHO guidelines and presents a compelling opportunity for Tanzania to improve access, equity, and quality of reproductive healthcare. By embracing this approach, Tanzania can enhance its healthcare system’s resilience and work towards achieving sustainable development goals related to reproductive health and gender equality. The implementation of task sharing in FP services should be a priority for policymakers and stakeholders to ensure a brighter and healthier future for Tanzanian women and families.

  2. a) Conducting a comprehensive review of existing national and regional policies and guidelines related to human resource for health in line with provision of FP/contraceptive services 
  3. b) Assessing the current healthcare system’s capacity and identifying gaps and barriers to task sharing in FP/contraceptive services.
  4. c) Developing an advocacy strategy and Implementation action plan to promote task sharing for FP/contraceptive services, aligning with WHO guidelines.
  5. d) Documenting best practices and producing a comprehensive report highlighting the impact of task sharing on FP/contraceptive services.

5.1 Key Deliverables

    The consultant will deliver the following:

  1. a) A comprehensive review report on existing policies and guidelines related to FP/contraceptive services.
  2. b) An assessment report identifying gaps and barriers to task sharing in FP/contraceptive services.
  3. c) An advocacy strategy and action plan for promoting task sharing aligned with WHO guidelines.
  4. d) Training materials and reports for healthcare provider training sessions and workshops.
  5. e) A final comprehensive report summarizing the impact of task sharing on FP/contraceptive services.

5.2 Timeline

The entire assignment is expected to take 10 working days carried through within a calendar month from the date the contract has been signed between UMATI and the Consultant as per the below work schedule: –

S/N Task Days
1 Inception meeting with UMATI Project Team 1
2 Conduct consultative meetings with Key Decision Makers at MoH, and PORALG which will be advocated for task sharing in line with WHO guidelines to allow the provision of FP/contraceptive services at all levels of service delivery. 2
3 Facilitate the task force to review WHO guidelines analyse the guideline and prepare a policy briefs, communication plan and prepare smart asks. Develop an Action plan for the implementation of the task force sharing with Key policy and decision-makers. 5
4 Submission of final policy briefs, communication and action plan 2
  Total number of Days 10


5.3 Responsibilities

The consultant will be responsible for the following;

  1. Review of existing policies and guidelines
  2. Assessment of healthcare system capacity
  3. Development of advocacy strategy and implementation action plan
  4. Final report and documentation



The consultant should provide a detailed breakdown of expenses, including fees and any additional costs related to data collection, or stakeholder engagement. The cost of workshops will be borne by UMATI.



The ideal consultant should possess the following qualification/expertise: 

  • A background in public health, reproductive health, or a related field.
  • In-depth knowledge of FP/contraceptive services, WHO guidelines, and task sharing principles.
  • Proven experience in advocacy, policy development, and stakeholder engagement.
  • Strong analytical skills and experience in conducting assessments and evaluations.
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills.
  • Experience working in humanitarian contexts is desirable.



The proposal should include Curriculum vitae highlighting relevant experience, proposal outlining the approach, methodology, and work plan. The proposal should be titled “Consultancy to Review task sharing guidelines of WHO to allow provision of FP/contraceptive services at all levels of the service delivery, including at community level and humanitarian contexts” to be submitted to the Executive Director, Email: by no later than 7th August 2023.

Late or incomplete proposals will not be accepted.


Expected deadline for selection process

7th August 2023
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